What we send back to you

When your order is complete, we will send you:

  1. Your text-file in print-ready format, laid out to accepted professional standards and your specifications on the Lipa Publishing Order Form.

  2. A print-ready file of the cover for your book with your front cover image or a cover designed by us.

(These two files can be sent by email or on flash memory to any printer who offers POD (print on demand) printing.)

  3. A file of the eBook.

(This file will be in .PDF format unless you specify some other format on the Lipa Publishing Order Form.)

  4. The files of a webpage for uploading to an ISP host. The webpage will also be published by Lipa Publishing.

   5. Quotes for printing at a printer in your locality.

  In addition, Lipa Publishing will take care of the ISBN, the legal deposit and final proofing of the print-ready files.

We will aim for a maximum turnaround of 1-2 weeks, depending on how many times the files have to be returned to you for checking and proofing until you are happy with the result.


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