It is impossible to predict the printer costs for every combination of the page size, the number of pages and the cover type. When estimating the number of pages, a rule of thumb is that a regular-sized paperback book of about 75,000 words printed in 10- or 11 point font with regular margins will fill about 250 pages of black and white text. Or about 300 words per page.

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Example Printer Costs

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The following table shows typical printer costs for a 250 page perfect-bound (i.e. glued) book with 2-page full-colour cover.


In the example in the table , the page size is ‘Novel’ (5” x 8” or 127 x 203 mm.). The weight of the white paper is 80 gsm. (grams per square metre)  and the cover board is 300 gsm. The cover lamination is glossy.

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