Self-publishing with Lipa Publishing

How it works

  1. Make sure your text is thoroughly checked and proof-read. Pass it through the spell checker as many times as you can. Have it read by someone else. You may not see the odd typo or spelling mistake in your text but once it gets into print it will stick out like a sore thumb.
  2. Check with 'What you need to you to send to us.' and collect all your files together. Download and complete the Lipa Publishing Order Form where you can specify how you want your book to look.
  3. Send all the files, including the completed order form, by email to
  4. To complete your order please pay us the basic $99 (or £75 or €90) by credit card or by bank transfer over secure PayPal.
  5. As soon as payment is confirmed, we will start work on your book. How long this will take depends on how many times the proofs are returned for correction.
  6. Indicate on the order form how many printed hard copies you will be buying and we will obtain quotes from a printer near you.
  7. Lipa Publishing will complete your order and send you all the completed files by email. The email will also detail the URL's of your book's webpages and include the printer’s quotes.
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