Hello, I am Chris Payne, the CEO of Lipa Publishing, a self-publishing online company based in The Philippines.

When I first began self-publishing, I was appalled by the sort of prices I had to pay to get my book formatted by the large self-publishing companies. The table shows some of the prices shown on their websites.

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We at Lipa Publishing are dedicated to providing a simple, affordable, easy-to-use, cost-effective service for authors who might find themselves otherwise priced out of self-publishing.

Chris Payne

CEO Lipa Publishing Inc

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By contrast with the high prices charged by our competitors, Lipa Publishing charges only $99 for a full professional service including book formatting to print-ready, ISBN, webpage, eBook, legal deposit and printer quotes.

Printing is not included in our package but we will put you in touch with a print-on-demand(POD) printer in your locality to get you the best price.

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